Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li - RELEASES TODAY!
posted by Webmistress on 02-27-2009

Kristin's film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li releases today in theaters, here in North America!

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Awww man, that last scene made me cry so hard! I've NEVER cried for Smallville, EVER! Let alone ANY other television series! cry.gif cry.gif cry.gif


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Kristin Talks About Tom in Wizard Magazine #209
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Kristin is interviewed in the latest issue of Wizard Magazine #208 and here are some of the highlights:
"What's the scoop on your final few episodes of "Smallville?"

I shot five episodes [this season]. I just finished my run on Thursday of last week. That closes up Lana's storyline.

How long will this thing go on for? It's un-killable.

It depends. I think there are so many stories within "Smallville" that they could draw it out for as long as they wanted to. It depends on Tom [Welling, who plays Clark Kent] as well, and whether he's passionate about it. I think they could do a spinoff, but there's something to Clark. I think people see a part of themselves in Clark--kind and heroic. There's so much hope in that character.

Tom is in his early 40's right?

Tom? He's in his early 30's. [laughs]"
Thanks to yujin for the interview!
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In Light Of "Power" and "Requiem"
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Sooo, the weirdest thing happened... I just randomly remembered I had Superman comic scans that are somewhat related to the plot ideas for both Power and Requiem, that I've never posted before, that are both from the same Superman comic series! Ironic, huh?

First set of scans Lana seeks super powers by bathing herself in a pool of magic water so she can stop both Kryptonite Man and Brainiac, since Superman obviously can't due to the over exposure of green kryptonite from Kryptonite Man:

Second set of scans has Clark/Superman/Lana dealing with Toyman:

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