Remembering Requiem
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 02-05-2011

Isnít it beautiful that 2 years after Requiem has aired, weíre still here

celebrating Clark & Lanaís Love Story?

Art by Monica

Requiem gave us a shining, beautiful example of true love--a love that inspires--a love that gives rather than takes; sacrifices rather than selfishly demands.
Requiem was not the death of a love, but the solidifying of that love in their hearts, and in ours.
Lana and Clark provided the most passionate, beautiful example of love and sacrifice, forever obliterating the Superman "mythos" of Clark with any other woman. (KATIE)

We saw the REAL Clark Kent sacrificing his own life in order to convince Lana that he was willing to die in order to prove how much he loved her. To show what lengths he would go in order to keep her in his life. We saw a Lana Lang that despite all of this...still placed Clark and his importance to the world over her own desires. Sacrificing her love for Clark so that she wouldn't become a distraction for him. So that he could fulfill his destiny. (CAT)

The reactions of myself and many others tell me that while Requiem put a wealth of sadness in the hearts of Clana fans, the show finally gave us a reason for hope in the future.
Long Live Clana...for Requiem was not the end, only the beginning! (ADAM)

Requiem was a tone poem, a lyrical gift to us. One last reminder of how powerful their love is, and how it touches us all. (TAMA)

The title Requiem is appropriate. It refers to the Latin Requiem Mass for the dead. But it has changed in recent years. It is now used to celebrate the triumph of the soul passing from one life to another. In other words, it is now used to celebrate the triumph over death. Their love didnít die. It goes on.
In the end the love of Clark and Lana is an entity that is separate from them. You can keep them apart. You cannot destroy their love. (DAVE)

After Requiem, I've never been able to look at Smallville the same way. It went from being a story about a boy with super powers, to a story about love overcoming all obstacles. It showed the world that true love can transcend everything. (JANNA)

The ending of Requiem was a HUGE scene. Afterwards, it was written in the stars; they belonged together. Clark & Lana were willing to place their own happiness aside for the well-being of the world. It showed that their love is without equal... Even outdoing Romeo and Juliet. While cruelly ripped apart, physically ... no matter the distance ... their hearts remain forever united as One. (SUE)

The words spoken in Requiem forever seal in our hearts their beautiful love story. Something so wonderful can never be forgotten or pushed away. True love never ends...instead it was sacrificed. (VICKY)

"What we have is beautiful."
~ Clark Kent

"Life is so precious, so beautiful, and to be able to protect that,
that's an amazing gift.
~ Lana Lang

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