The Great Clark Debate: Weigh In on Smallville's Love Quadrangle
posted by Webmistress on 03-27-2008

From E!Online Watch with Kristin:

Asma: Before Smallville, Superman was that alien with superpowers and a cute woman beside him. But Smallville brought this character into a different light. It has shown that Clark Kent didn't become a superman in the easy way, which reflects ancient stories of heroes. His path wasn't easy and along with it came a push to feel like a human and behave like them, but Lana Lang was the only one for whom and with Clark Kent allowed himself to cross the line between humans and aliens. He fell in love with her just as she fell in love with only him, even after he went to fulfill his destiny.

Lana Lang is the one who triggered Clark's other potentials when he tried to keep her safe; he sacrificed her intimacy because he wanted to spare her harm (ultimate love), yet she is the forbidden fruit. They are the version of beauty and the beast, the heavenly love of human and angel, the ancient myths of fairy tales between gods and humans. Though he kept his alter ego from her, Lana kept on loving him and looking after him. She even sacrificed herself by marrying Lex to protect Clark, even though he wouldn't tell her the truth himself, another kind of heroism.

Their love is what we all search for today, the one where you only care for the love and happiness of your significant other till death do you part, even if you don't share your life together. Lana sacrificed Clark when he finally came to her because she thought he is bigger than her life, and without her sacrifice neither Lois nor the world would ever know Superman.

So yes, I think Lana deserves to end up with Clark as a reward for several aching years of pain and sacrifice and their wish to be together. As he enjoyed her company before becoming important, I think she should enjoy the famous hero as well—though she cares not that he is Superman, because she sees him as Clark, the sweet and dorky boy next door."
Make sure to vote for Clark & Lana on the poll-- "Couple captures your heart?"
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Trailer to 7.15 Veritas!
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Thanks to Suzel for the trailer!
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Clana in the CW/Stride Virtual Comic
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There is Clana in the Smallville Strident Virtual Comic Sweetstakes that's taking place over at TheCW!

Click below to view the comic strips:

Thanks to boingo for the heads up!
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Kristin's Future in Smallville
posted by Webmistress on 03-17-2008

Kristin posted the following on her facebook regarding the rest of season 7 and her return for season 8:
"Hey Team...

So, I thought I would give those of you curious about Smallville a brief debrief. I am in Bangkok for a few more months. So, no shooting of the Ville for me. I will return for a undetermined, although small, number of episodes in season 8.

I am not really opening up the floor for lots of discussion, because it is not really the place for it. Obviously I have loved my time on the show, but I am equally as thrilled to move on to new endeavors. One of which is very dear to me, and that is GBD. So thank you all for your really fabulous support and passion!!! I hope this clears up most of the questions...

Thanks to binkys711 for the heads up!
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Clana "Hero" Scenes
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Watch With Kristin - Submit for Clana!
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From E! Online Watch With Kristin:
"Since many of you didn't hate the debate idea, we're going to try it again, and this time we'll tackle the many loves of Clark Kent. Should he be with Lana, Chloe or Lois? Submit your 500-words-or-less statements in favor of your team to, and we'll post the best and most interesting arguments in a couple of weeks."
Thanks to tinamarie for the heads up!
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