~ Happy Birthday Lana Lang ~
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 07-17-2011

~ ❤ ~

~ ❤ ~

Happy Birthday to LANA LANG
our beloved Heroine

According to a 1976 DC Calendar, July 17 is Lana Lang's birthday!

On this special day, you are invited to read the incredible essay that Steve/Sjleone wrote about Lana Lang's character in the Comics. It's a treat! CLICK HERE
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Forum Moved To A New Host
posted by Webmistress on 07-09-2011

Hey Sweets,

You guys must have noticed the glitches we have been having recently. Some of you might know, some of you might not... but the real truth is that the server (suddenlaunch - SL for short) is coming crash down and our place is at risk.

Up until yesterday we had this big sword over our heads telling us it was just a matter of time before it did and we lost Sweet and everything that it meant to us forever. But then our admin (Arelis - Lana Elizabeth Lang) set up to us a brand new Sweet forum in another host that is faster and without these glitches.

Now all you have to do is head there, register yourself and carry on the Clana Love.

WARNING= the new host doesn't allow - or at least I don't think it does - you to change your display name like it does here, so choose your username carefully. If anything in this front changes I will let you guys know

I'd like to ask you guys help in spreading the word about the new forum. What can you do?

1. Tweet the link to the new forum or give RT to the SweetClana Tweet I just posted.

2. Like or Share the note I posted in my personal FB wall - I couldn't write a note with the link, it's just a message. If anyone is able to post a link let me know and I will share.

3. Invite friends you know were members. Even if they don't use Sweet anymore it will be nice to have them registered.

Let's work to make Sweet 2.0 as successful as Sweet 1.0

The new forum: http://z13.invisionfree.com/lanaclark/index.php?
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