~ CLANA DAY 2011 ~
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 08-31-2011

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Because a day is too short to celebrate Clark & Lana’s Love Story... Because Clana fans are a passionate worldwide community... This year, our usual one-day celebration will be extended to three days: 14, 15 & 16 of October.

Clana fans... Make sure to join us on the new SWEET forum and spread the word & the love around about the event dates: October 14, 15, 16.

Please check the >> World Clock << to know your time zone.

N.B. Love & credit to v.ictory for this beautiful banner.
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Katie's Introduction for CLANA DAY 2010
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 08-02-2011

Clark and Lana: The True Original Love Story

by Katie (kryptotrite)

“Smallville” is ending in 2011. For many of us, it ended when Lana departed in 2009. So, why are we still here? Why log on every day to Sweet? What could be powerful enough to change your life, and introduce you to friends all over the world?


True love.

Why do they make us believe in true love?

~Because of Kristom’s magic~

”I am a Clark and Lana fan because Tom and Kristin made me believe their love is real, and I have faith in true love.” (Lanny)

Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk captured the hearts of millions October 16, 2001. From their first bumbling meeting, to the breathtakingly intimate graveyard scene, to the first, delicate kiss goodnight…their chemistry, natural grace and ease with one another set the stage for the most beautiful love story of all time.

~Because they’re gorgeous, and they set us on fire~

Because all the boys wanted to be Clark in “Nicodemus”, and all the girls wanted to be Lana in “Red”. When their lips touched, our television screens would start smoking. When they were on screen, nothing could tear us away.

~Because no one had to tell us to love them~

We didn’t grow up hearing the names “Clark and Lana”, but now Clark just doesn’t sound right with any other name. Their story stands on its own two feet. It is a legend all its own.

You don’t have to be a comic book fan to love them. You don’t have to like superhero movies to love them. Their love is evident, and it needs nothing to prop it up.

~Because their love forever changed a legend~

Imagine going your whole life hearing “Romeo and Juliet” and assuming they were a “destined” couple, even though the story never seems to turn out quite right.

Then imagine a story which explores that Romeo really loved someone else. That story became so powerful, so threatening, that it forever changed the legend most people know.

For Clark and Lana, a life together has always seemed impossible.

Now we know that no love will ever match theirs, and that anyone besides Clark with Lana, and Lana with Clark is simply impossible. Their story is so powerful, it forever changed the minds and hearts of millions who grew up hearing a different version of the legend about a young man named Clark Kent.

~Because they are soulmates~

When you love someone with every fiber of your being; when you would give everything to protect them; when you would sacrifice everything; and when everything comes back to that one person—you know they are your soulmate. No matter how much time passes, or how far apart you are, you just know.

“We’re in each others’ hearts, Clark. I will always be with you, no matter what. I love you.” (Lana Lang)

~Because “our destiny is not written in some book in the future. We write it ourselves, every day." (Lana Lang)~

Because stories don't always end the way you thought they would. Destiny writes itself day by day, by the choices we make. We choose our destiny, it does not choose us.

"Maybe we have more control over the future than we think." (Lana Lang)

Because being "meant to be" comes from the heart—from a bond between souls, not from an old, tired assumption.

~Because “what we have is beautiful.” (Clark Kent)~

Because when we look at them, we have something to aspire to. They fill us with hope, and that is beautiful.

~Because they were forced apart, and they said goodbye, yet we’re still here.~

"We have hundreds of episodes to watch again and again and the power of their love does not diminish with time. It is as powerful today as it ever was." (Tama)

Take today to remember why you love them, why they inspire you, and why you're still here.

Clark and Lana are a picture of ~true and original~ love.

Have a great day, my SWEET friends!

With all my heart,
Katie (kryptotrite)

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