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You guys will LOVE this!

Be warned, it is a spoiler.

Select and highlight the text below to find out what it is:
" I heard from a legitimate source that Clana will in fact share one more kiss this season."
Thanks to Kittycat for the info!
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"Bride" Clana Spoiler!
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"- Clark and Lana finally have a talk, and Lana tells him why she needed to leave."
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Root for Clana!
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There's a poll at asking the following-- "In a Lana/Clark/Lois love triangle, who would you root for?"

EASY, Clana...DUH!

To vote click here!

Thanks to Vala for the heads up!
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Clark has a Lana flashback in last night's Smallville season 8 premiere, check out the clip below... it's found at 1:23:

Lovely to see Lana appear in Clark's flashback along with his parents. love.gif

Thanks to Suzie for the heads up!
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Clana Related Deleted Scenes From Season 7 DVD
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Clana Related Deleted Scene
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There's a Clana related scene in the Smallville Season 7 DVD that released tomorrow September 9:

"Lana comes into a very merry looking Kent kitchen. She's alone and the scene screams "LONELY!". She looks for a message from Clark on the machine... no joy. She picks up his picture ... it's about time to cry now.... then hears a noise. It's Jimmy looking for Kara. He goes on about why Kara isn't calling and Lana tells him she understands how hard it is to love a "Kent" but they are worth it.

It's just so full of love from Lana, even without Clark, it's just a really great scene."
Thanks to SueB for the write-up!
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Clark/Lana/Lois Triangle
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Matt Mitovich's from has some spoilers regarding a Clark/Lana/Lois triangle in his Mega Minute Video.

To view the video click here.
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