~ Worldwide Clana Fans Appreciation Video ~
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 09-29-2010

This Special Video is a testament of how our Clana fanbase spans worldwide. It focuses on the many ways in which we have shown our love and devotion to our beloved ship during the past years: Forums... Fanarts... Fanvideos... Fanfictions... Fan interviews... and the all tremendous Projects that we’ve carried out with SO MUCH passion and dedication.

There is no doubt that we will carry with us those wonderful souvenirs of the Clana Era through the many years to come.

THANK YOU beyond words to Cat who conducted this heartfelt project and to all the fans that took part in this love testimony. Our worldwide fandom is exceedingly proud.

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~ Clark & Lana - Superman III movie ~
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 09-29-2010

A Beautiful Picture of

Christopher Reeve & Annette O'Toole


Clark Kent & Lana Lang

Superman III

~ ❤ ~

~ ❤ ~

Credit: World Of Lana Lang http://www.worldoflanalang.com/
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~ Clana Day 2010 CountDown ~
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 09-16-2010

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~ THANK YOU Letter to Smallville TPTB ~
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 09-11-2010

Dear Smallville writers, Showrunners and Executive Producers,

Thank you!

We the Clana fandom would first like to thank you for the wonderful 8 years that you’ve given Clark and Lana. Thank you, for making them such a fascinating part of the Superman story like never before. For many of us, their love transcends all physical bounds, have loved each other beyond time and distance, and continue to celebrate that love in serving others [Requiem]. Clark and Lana live in our hearts as well as theirs now and forever. Thank You!

Thank you Writers/Showrunners/Excecutive Producers for making us fall in love and become so deeply passionate about this story - your story of these great characters of Clark and Lana. A story so dear to our hearts that we DESPERATELY would love to see it remain CHERISHED and PRESERVED.

WE, CLANA FANS, and the undersigned of the “Kawatche Petition” are expressing, with every fiber of our fans' hearts that you PLEASE PRESERVE CLANA's LOVE STORY from being diminished, ignored or ruined. By this we mean, we are HOPING you will NOT retcon or change anything to the storyline that has been established in the past. Our fandom has lived and breathed with the characters of Clark and Lana. We have faithfully followed their incredible journey through all of their ups and downs for 8 long years.

Clark and Lana have been the very heart of this amazing retelling of Clark Kent’s early years. They embody a fantastic story of young love that still resonates within each of us. To this day, fans continue to enjoy and pay homage to our favorite couple in numerous and various ways. Many artists have invested their hearts and souls into creating thousands of videos, artworks, forums and personal web spaces in their names. Many continue to relive these incredible moments through DVDs, reruns and conversations in online forums.

You must know by now how passionate many of your fans are about these characters and their story. This passion is further evident through the many fan testimonials - from all over the World - written in our petition. You should be able to realize what Smallville has accomplished, and you can be proud that their love story will stand the test of time.

We hope this passionate plea showcases how much we love and appreciate your work. Please writers and showrunners, whatever direction Smallville’s series takes for the rest of season 9 or in any future season, please we simply BEG RESPECT for Clark and Lana’s story...your story. A story that you helped shape and create and one in which we will forever be thankful and appreciative for.

Please allow us to continue to enjoy, reminisce and fantasize about these characters and their love for many years to come. You gave us HOPE; please allow us to maintain it. HOPE is the best feeling this show has ever conveyed to its viewers: throughout their journey of love Clark and Lana never gave up on Hope, and have transmitted this wonderful feeling to us; their fans.

Clark & Lana are the beautiful achievement of Kristin Kreuk & Tom Welling, through their hard work, their heartfelt commitment and dedication for 8 years. They along with your words brought Clana to life: and that is SO precious to US fans because it portrayed the greatest human experience - True Love.

We Thank You!

"What we have is beautiful!"
Clark & Lana are an amazing gift, they are our Smallville legacy!
Please protect their Love! Please preserve CLANA's Love Story!

Clana Fans Worldwide

P.S. Claiming what is most precious to us fans - Clark and Lana, therefore, preserving Clana’s Love Story, like we naturally preserve Earth/Historical Heritage Sites, is what naturally came to mind; hence the symbolism of the “Kawatche Caves” for this petition.

Please click here to see Clana Fans signatures
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~ World Of Lana Lang ~
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 09-04-2010

Do you have a soft spot for Lana Lang?

Check this wonderful new site full of resources about this amazing character in the Comics & other Medium.

World Of Lana Lang was created by our *Sweet* member: boingo

Our warm thanks to Nelly for supporting our beloved character in such a beautiful way!

Come visit Lana: http://www.worldoflanalang.com/
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