Lana Saves the Day!
posted by Webmistress on 10-29-2008

From TV Guide:
"A bit further down the road, Clois will find themselves as travel partners on a long and very strange trip. The out-of-this-world sitch will pull them closer and closer until, on the day of Chloe's wedding, a familiar face comes between them just as sparks start to fly. Gee, who could that be?"
Our savior Lana, who protects us from all things non-Clana. love.gif

Thanks to sp27 for the info!
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Spoilers from "Ask Ausiello"
posted by Webmistress on 10-29-2008

From Ask Ausiello:
"Question: What's happening? I used to jump on here and be overloaded with Smallville spoilers, but last week... nothing! Do you have anything that can satiate this Smallville fanatic? -- Susie
Ausiello: "Satiate"? Probably not. But "tantalize"? You betcha. My moles whisper that there's an action-packed story arc in the works for Lana.

Question: Please tell us which long-running characters will kiss in Episode 12 of Smallville. -- Joe
Ausiello: Isn't it obious? L*** and Clark. "
Remove the three *'s and replace them with a-n-a. blink1.gif
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"Bride" Scoop
posted by Webmistress on 10-20-2008

From Watch with Kristin: Spoiler Chat:
"Trisha in Chicago: Hi there! Searching for some Smallville scoop! We know that in the episode "Bride," Clark and Lois will recognize the spark between them just in time for Lana to come back. Can you give us any hints about what happens there?

Well, we are going to find out why Lana (Kristin Kreuk) has returned and where she's been all these months. We'll also learn why she left that Dear John video for Clark (Tom Welling). And I'm hearing Chloe's wedding reception will not go as planned."
Thanks to sp27 for the heads up!
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Lana Lang Supergirl's Aunt
posted by Webmistress on 10-17-2008

In Supergirl #34,to help Supergirl adapt to our world Lana Lang takes her on as her niece, Linda Lang, and also accepts a job at the Daily Planet:

Thanks to sjleone for the scans!
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Lana Reference and Mention
posted by Webmistress on 10-09-2008

Lana was referenced and mentioned in tonight's episode of Smallville:

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More Clana "Bride" Spoilers
posted by Webmistress on 10-07-2008

"With a heavy heart, Clark enters to spot Lana, lying on a gurney. He stares, distraught, knowing that somehow this is all his fault. As a DOCTOR finishes stitching up her wounded leg, Lana sees him. "
Thanks to sp27 for the heads up!
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Dinner For Two!
posted by Webmistress on 10-07-2008 posted some yummy Clana spoilers for episode 8.12 Bulletproof:
"Clark and Lana have a dinner date... or is it just two old friends reconnecting?"
Could the spoiler that was posted on September 25th happen in this episode, hmmm?
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Erica Durance talks about Lana's Return
posted by Webmistress on 10-06-2008

Erica Durance (Lois Lane) spoke about Lana's return to TV Guide... and at one point she said the following in reference to Lana-- "His [Clark] true love will come back".

To watch the interview, click here

Thanks to sp27 for the heads up!
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Clark Mentions Lana
posted by Webmistress on 10-03-2008

Clark mentions Lana in tonight's episode of Smallville titled Toxic. Fast forward to 3:36:

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