The Clana Awards!
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The Clana Awards polling has officially started, start casting your votes!
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Today is the day, the day to celebrate the moment Smallville's Clark and Lana came into our lives: October 16th, 2001!

Some of the fun things to look forward to on this beautiful day in the CLANA DAY forum:

This is where we'll let our hair down and go Clana crazy, the Clana keg has already been tapped, so let's PARTY!

WIN a prize for just posting in the Clana Day-Party thread! EASY!

Vote on all your favorite Clana moments, episodes and touches!

Let’s watch the episodes we picked – Pilot, Calling, Relic, Mortal, Power and enjoy once again Rhiannon’s talent of capturing the moment.

We'll test our own Clana knowledge in quizzes about the 8 years of Clana in Smallville and also in the DC Universe!

Take a listen to all the beautiful music that has played during our favorite Clana scenes.
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Clana Day - Official Video!
posted by Webmistress on 10-12-2009

Roberts has released the Official CLANA DAY video to promote on YouTube, please spread the love as much as you can about our event which will be held this Friday, October 16th on the forum:

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Clana in Tonight's Episode of Smallville!
posted by Webmistress on 10-09-2009

There was a Clana moment in tonight's episode of Smallville:

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"Secret Origins" Comic is Now on Sale!
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"...Superman: Secret Origin #1 succeeds remarkably in straddling that line between the embracing the familiar and freshening things up enough to keep veteran readers like myself guessing as to how things play out and accessing neophyte fans. Unlike, say, the CW's Smallville, where they have strayed so far out of DCU canon in terms of characters involved in Superman's life before he even put on a costume (more on that aspect of Clark’s growing up later), it's clear that Johns & Co. to a certain extent are going to maintain the integrity of the lead character's decades of history while acknowledging that the occasional liberty can be taken to invigorate his contemporary stories...What's also welcome is how the book so far holds on to aspects of origin stories of the past while adding to them or better fleshing them out. One great example is with Lana Lang. Back in 1986, one of the key changes John Byrne made to the mythology was her involvement in Clark's formative years, in fact being the only person in on his secret after Jonathan and Martha Kent. Johns tweaks this a bit in that she's in on the secret for years instead of being told literally the night before Clark moves on from the small town to embrace his destiny in a worldly arena (see Man of Steel). The occasions featuring her in this first issue range from humorously endearing to harrowing, and they are all effective...."
"The circumstances of the manifestation of Clark's powers are all handled with the same mixture of fresh and familiar that permeates the entire issue. There's the recognizable scene of Clark playing football even though his father told him not to, and a cute moment in which Clark's first kiss with Lana Lang triggers his heat vision. For that matter, Johns does an effective job tying Lana to each of Clark's important self-discoveries, ultimately building a strong foundation for their relationship."
Thanks to Nelly for the heads up!
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Beautiful and Simultaneously
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In an interview with Louis Febre Smallville score composer after Mark Snow left in Season 7, made mentions of his feelings towards Clark and Lana when discussing their final scene:
"LF: Ah! That is a very interesting question. My job really is to enhance, to amplify. I react, like anyone else might, to the drama in front of me. But the curious implication that I may have specific feelings about a character, and somehow interject my own view into the mix is both fascinating and terrifying! I would not purposely do such a thing, but in the particular instance you ask about, Clark and Lana’s final struggle, I’m not sure. I openly admit it; I found their relationship beautiful and simultaneously, deeply tragic. It touched me in a very direct way. I suppose it is possible for me to have painted my emotions musically, somehow adding, instead of enhancing."
To read the full interview click here!

Thanks to Nelly and Tarrow for the heads up!
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