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Happy CLANA Day!!

Today, October 16


The Day they Came into Our Lives

Credit to Megaminerva for the banner

October 16 is the date Smallville’s Pilot episode aired for the first time in US introducing our beloved couple. This particular date is very special to all Clana lovers worldwide; an online celebration takes place on Sweet Forum to pay tribute to Clark & Lana and the magic they brought to our hearts. Their meeting in the graveyard very much symbolizes The Day they Came into Our Lives.

Join Us to share the love & the memories...
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CLANA DAY Video 2011
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Are You Ready

to Relive the CLANA EMOTION?

Roberts’ CLANA DAY Promo Video has just been released

••>>•• ••<<••

Roberts never ceases to amaze us with his incredible talent. Once again he achieves an incredible CLANA DAY video to mark the celebration of “The Day they Came into Our Lives”.

The Music Mix that he especially set up to match the write-overs & the spirit of the event is absolutely Phenomenal! The Video is Outstanding!

Emotional chills guaranteed!

THANK YOU, Rob! Our fandom is deeply grateful

Clana fans...
Spread the love as much as you can ... and send out the video to all your friends. Let us come together once again to celebrate our beautiful couple.

P.S. Warm thanks to Boingo for helping us with the video write-overs.
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Clark & Lana's First Date
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 10-01-2011

A very cute and lovely scene love.gif from Superman’s Family Album; an animated television series produced by Ruby-Spears Productions and Warner Bros.

Credit to Sue for the find

First Date aired for the 1st time on November 19, 1988

For additional info, please check this link on World Of Lana Lang


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