DC Comics presents: Superman 2 - Lost Hearts
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 11-26-2010

Special for Clark and Lana lovers

Some exciting news! DC Comics has released reprints of the story-arc titled "Lost Hearts" into one convenient book! What is so special about that, you ask? Well, for one thing Lana Lang is heavily featured. Not enough? *pfff* Then how about it is a great story written by well-renowned comic book writer Geoff Johns! Still not enough? OK, how about the artwork is fantastic; the story is filled with mystery, love, heartbreak, a Clark and Lana flashback, a magical parasite, a rescue and a special appearance by a certain "Bat". *whew*
I highly recommend it, especially for all you Lana Lang fans out there!
( From Nelly - World Of Lana Lang )
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Like This Day... Clana
posted by ClarkSuperboy on 11-05-2010

Like This Day; November 5th 2003, the cherished episode RELIC aired (s3xe6).

♥ Remember... the Original Trailer:

♥ Remember... Joe & Louise

Flaming their desire in the barn...

Joe flying Louise to the stars...


The amazing Clana Day Trailer edited by Roberts:

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