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Kristin Kreuk talks about Clana & Tom Welling
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From TheCW Source:

Thanks to Jana for the heads up!
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Clana tid-bit in Superman #671 Comic!
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The Clana scenes in Superman #671. They were in the form of a flashbacks.

Here is a description of the Clana flashbacks:
"As Superman flies off to look for Lana Lang who has been kidnapped, he begins to think back of his time in Smallville with Lana. A flashback comic panel reveals Clark and Lana sitting on a couch being caught in an intimate moment by some boys and getting teased for it. Clark's glasses are askew in a state of confusion while his arm is still around Lana's waist. Lana is looking behind the couch at the boys which are holding flashlights pointed right at them. She is in a state of shock while her arm is still resting over Clark's shoulder. This is what is said:

Boys: "HA HA HA HA HA! Clark an' La-na, sittin' in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Clark: "WH--?"


It is a very cute and sweet scene.

There is also a second flashback panel and this one is of Lana and Clark waking together on a Smallville road by the light of the moon. Lana is telling Clark about her future plans and asking him what his are. Clark proceeds to tell her that he will not be attending a university....

Lana: "I'll be splitting my time between helping my dad at the bank and classes at Kansas State University. You...you haven't talked about what you're going to do, much. There's a good journalism program at K.S.U...."

Clark: "I'm not going to K.S.U., Lana. I'm...going to travel, to start..."
The rest of the comic has some more interesting tid-bits about Superman/Clark and Lana in the current time-frame of the comics as well.

If anyone has the scans to this issue, please send me them!

Thanks to boingo the write-up!
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TV Couple Makes Your Heart Pitter-patter? - VOTE CLANA!
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From TV Guide.com:
"Are you McCrazy about Mer and McDreamy? Do Booth and Bones give you chills to the bone? Do you ache for Chuck and Sarah to really go undercover? Does the idea of Senator McAsllister and Kitty playing house in the White House make you stand up and salute? Does the unfulfilled promise of "Chlark" drive you super-crazy?

Share here your suggestions for the TV couples (or could-be couplings) that most make your heart go pitter-patter!

Update: No more nominations are being taken at this time. We have now taken your most-popular picks, sprinkled in a few of our own and created a final poll here. Log in and cast your vote now!"
To vote for Clana click here! You have to be a TV Guide.com member to vote!

Thanks to Karla for the heads up!
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Clana "Gemini " scenes
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Superman #671
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The first issue, issue Superman #671 of the three part series featuring Lana and the Insect Queen is due in comic shops December 19!

That's going to be interesting!

Thanks to Steve for the info!
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Favorite Young TV Couples
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From Portraitmagazine.net:

We had so much fun last year it's become an annual Portrait feature! There's all new shows and all new ships: which do you love the most? Help us count down the top 10 young TV couples for our Valentines issue of Portrait Magazine!

To vote click here!
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Kristin Kreuk's 25th Birthday Present - Project
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Today starts the 25th day until Kristin Kreuk's 25th Birthday and what great time to spread awareness about this year's fan birthday project for Kristin's 25th Birthday if not TODAY!

Visit the website for more information and to donate:

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