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Clana Featured on ChristopherReeve.org!!
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What an honor this is for us Clana fans to be featured on Christopherreeve.org:

We as a fandom have supported the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation throughout the years. First with the SaveClana Campaign then again with through the Iris Operation, which has brought us this heartfelt thank you by the foundation.

To read more of how this took place, please visit the forum.
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Sweet on Twitter!
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It's official! Sweet on Twitter, so if you're a tweet head and a Clana fan, please follow us... we liked to be followed!
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The Clana Awards - Results!
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The Clana Award results are in, I was personally surprised by some of the results, others not so surprised... anyway, here they are:

"Favorite Clana Episode

Mortal (Season 5) 39%

Runner Up:
Calling (Season 2) 33%

Favorite Clana Scene

The rooftop reunion on top of the Daily Planet. "Power" (Season cool.gif 22%

Runner Up:
Lana surprising Clark with birthday cake in the loft and then they share their first real kiss. "Calling" (Season 2) 21%

Favorite Clana Kiss

First official real kiss. "Calling" (Season 2) 24%

Runner Up:
Their last final kiss. "Requiem" (Season cool.gif 23%

Favorite longing stare between Clana

When Lana fins out that Clark is safe from the blast. "Nemesis" (Season 6) 44%

Runner Up:
Looking at each other through the rain. "Crush" (Season 1) 22%
To see all the winners, click here!
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