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Original Post
Lana Saves the Day! :: 10-29-2008 :: posted by Webmistress
From TV Guide:
"A bit further down the road, Clois will find themselves as travel partners on a long and very strange trip. The out-of-this-world sitch will pull them closer and closer until, on the day of Chloe's wedding, a familiar face comes between them — just as sparks start to fly. Gee, who could that be?"
Our savior Lana, who protects us from all things non-Clana. love.gif

Thanks to sp27 for the info!
:: comments 28 ::

SJ :: 10-29-2008 :: ip: logged
What sparks? They are traveling to the power plant?

Can´t wait for Lana´s eps ... after them I can finally consider myself over this ... Metropomess.

What sparks? :: 10-29-2008 :: ip: logged
Bring back Lana!

yujin :: 10-29-2008 :: ip: logged
Yes! Saint Lana. Do protect us.

stuff :: 10-30-2008 :: ip: logged
Ouuu! Please, bring Clana back!

clkent :: 11-01-2008 :: ip: logged
well what do we expect the writers are really trying hard to outdo the Clark and Lana duo by giving Clark and Lois the same stuff that they used for Clark and Lana but the difference is during Clark and Lana they did not even give these two lovebirds the stuff that they are doing for Clark and lois now. they are pushing it hard for clark to fall in love with lois in a forceful way. pathetic. clark will fall in love with lois in a short period of time. it will never surpassed the love of clark for lana because since he was a little boy he already knew that lana is the girl for him. but the thing is the story got twisted and twisted. well we just have to wait for Ep 10 onward for our CLANA. we missed them so much.

jane :: 11-03-2008 :: ip: logged
I really miss clark and lana!! can't wait for this episode love.gif love.gif love.gif

xcited 4 CLANA :: 11-05-2008 :: ip: logged
jeeez... hope it'll be episode "BRIDE" already so i can watch Smallville again 'coz i miss watching it soo much. love.gif obviously, i've stuck w/my word of watching the LANA episodes ALONE eventhough i looove TW; i really just CANNOT stand seeing Lois LAME and Clark together! its sooo puke-inducing for me. sick.gif

neka :: 11-08-2008 :: ip: logged
clark will never love lois like he love lana !

that's nocense to do that !
Clana's LOve was there for 7 seasons !! why not in season 8 ?
why he have to be with Lois ? she is like a sister for him !

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