The History
1950-1986 Pre Crisis (Comics Superboy #10 Vol.1):
The lovely red-haired newscaster for Metropolis television station WMET-TV who has been a central figure in the life of Superman. As a contemporary of the teen-aged Superman (i.e., Superboy) during their days in Smallville, she had a crush on Superboy, was alternatively friendly to, and contemptuous of, mild-mannered Clark Kent, and generally "tormented and pestered" them both in her never-ending quest for the secret of Superboy's dual identity. As an adult, first as a reporter for the Daily Planet and later as a celebrated TV newscaster, she is one of Superman's best friends and Lois Lane's arch-rival for the affections of Superman. Superman has described Lana as a "beautiful woman" and as "the swellest girl I ever met... except for Lois Lane!"

Lana Lang, the daughter of archaeologist and explorer Professor Lang and the niece of Professor Potter, grew up in Smallville, where she was in Clark Kent's class at Smallville High School. Lana's senior-class yearbook cited her as a "class wit," but Superman #78 describes her as "pretty, prying, and pestiferous," and draws a pointed parallel between Lana Lang's relationship with the teen-aged Superboy and Lois Lane's relationship with the adult

"Superman has had his troubles from the reckless rashness of Lois Lane - but that's nothing new to him! For years ago in Smallville, when he was Superboy, pretty, prying, pestiferous Lana Lang also used to give him headaches!"

In September of 1952, Lana Lang leaves Smallville and arrives in Metropolis. She works for a time as a reporter at the Daily Planet - and shares an apartment with Lois Lane - before moving on to a new journalistic post with the Federal Syndicate. During this time, she renews, for the first time since her teens, both her romantic interest in Superman and her determination to unravel the secret of his dual identity. By January 1961 she has acquired a job as a news reporter for a television network, a post that has made her a TV celebrity.

1961 The Adventures of Superboy (TV):

Clark Kent was a high school student who lived with his parents and was friends with a suspicious Lana Lang.

1966-1969 The New Adventures of Superman (TV Cartoon):
Lana, basically - and innocently - made trouble for Clark/Superboy. Whether by inadvertently making costume jewelry out of stray chunks of Kryptonite or being too inquisitive as to Clark's whereabouts during a Super-rescue, the redhead kept our hero hopping.

1978 Superman The Movie (Movie):
Time passes and we see a teen-age Clark, who is the frustrated equipment manager of the Smallville High football team. As Lara had predicted, Clark may look human, but he never would be. And like most teenagers, fitting in was paramount in his adolescent life. When Lana Lang invites him to join the group to listen to records, he can hardly contain himself. But Biff, the captain of the football team, reminds Clark that he has equipment to clean up. As they drive away, Clark's frustration surfaces and he angrily punts a football far into the distance. After taking care of the equipment, young Clark has some fun racing a train.

With characteristic playfulness, Clark whizzes past the train and leaps across its path with a loud, Yahoo, and speeds down the road to his house trailed by a cloud of dust. He reaches his house just as Biff, Lana and the gang drive by in their car. "How did you get here so fast," asks Lana. "I ran," says Clark.
1983 Superman III (Movie):
Lana Lang, the girl next door, walks back into Kent's life. Like most of us, time has not always fulfilled the dreams that we had as wide-eyed high-school seniors. The promise of the future fades into the reality of the present. "It's good to see you. Wow! You look wonderful," says Clark. "This is the first time that you've come back to this little berg since your mom died," says Lana.

"I heard that you and Donald split up," says Clark with a touch of sadness. Lana had been married and wanted happiness, but realized that Smallville is not the place that she will find it. So far, the only person to show interest in her is Brad, former captain of the football team. Now, all of his fame comes from memories stored at the bottom of a liquor bottle. Obviously, this is not the best of options for a single mother. When Brad comes up to Lana and Clark, he ignores Clark's handshake. "So, remember when you were queen of the prom, Lana? Lot's of guys in line for dances then. But it looks like ol' Brad is the only one on your dance card tonight." "Sorry Brad," she says, "Clark just asked me to dance." "I did?" asks Kent, and Lana maneuvers them out onto the floor. Gyrating strangely to the song, Lana looks at Clark in amazement, but quickly the song becomes a slow number and the two dance closely. It looks like a dream come true for the hapless Kent.

The day following the reunion, Kent helps Lana clean up the mess from the night before. The more she speaks, the more Kent is attracted to Lana. "I could always talk to you," says Lana. "I wished," says Clark wistfully, "that you had talked to me more... in high school, when you were the Queen of the Prom." Lana turns to clean up a bowl of potato salad. "Three years after the royal wedding, the king abdicated," Lana says. "Why do I stay in Smallville? Do you know how lucky you are living in Metropolis - the Big Apricot? Don't get me wrong. I have a good job. I mean, I'm just a secretary, but it pays the bills. Except when the heating bills went so high last winter. I had to pawn off my diamond ring." Clark looks at her gently and apologizes for the tragedies that befell her. Carrying a pile of dirty paper plates to a trashcan Lana looks up at the wall where enlarged photos of the class of 1965 are hung, and in front of her is Clark's photo. "Years later you can look at someone and say that's the one that got away."

1986- Post Crisis (Comics Man of Steel #1):
Friend of Superman. Lana grew up near Smallville and met Clark Kent in elementary school. They quickly became close friends, and Lana fell in love with Clark. Her thoughts of marriage ended in high school one night, however, when Clark revealed he had remarkable super powers and would be leaving Smallville. After Superman's debut, Lex Luthor had Lana kidnapped and interrogated in an attempt to learn Superman's secret identity, but Lana never cracked. Lana's connection with Superman has also caused her to be brainwashed by Manhunter androids, and injured during a fight between Superman and Matrix in Smallville. Lana always hoped there was a chance that Clark would marry her, but eventually gave up when Clark told her he loved Lois Lane. Lana persuaded Lois Lane that Clark loved her when Lois had doubts. Eventually, Lana sold her family's farm in Smallville and moved to Washington D.C where she has married another childhood friend of Clark Kent, Pete Ross. After Ross lost his senate position, the couple returned to Smallville.

Lana was one of Lois' bridesmaids at Lois and Clark's wedding. Later, Lana was pregnant, unknown to Clark, and when she was involved in a car accident, the baby was born 2 months pre-mature. She called Clark to ask him if he could help save her baby. As Superman, he was taking the infant to another hospital when Doomsday, inhabited by Brainiac's mind, attacked him. He took the child, intending to grow a more controllable Doomsday from his tiny body. Superman and the child's father, Pete Ross, rescued the infant and Brainiac's technology had made him healthy. Lana and Pete named him Clark Peter Ross.
1988 Superman Family Ablum (TV Cartoon):

The Superman Family Album is a four-minutes vignettes chronicled significant each of events in young Clark Kent's life, from the rocket landing in Smallville, his first day in school with Lana, his 10th birthday with Lana and friends, his first date (with Lana Lang) and his first appearance as Superman.

1988-1992 Superboy (TV):
When Clark and Lana reach Shuster, they quickly adapt to college life. Clark settles in with his roommate T.J. White, who is the son of Perry White, editor-in-chief for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. T.J. quickly becomes a friend to both Clark and Lana.

Just weeks later, Superboy goes into action again. A group of terrorists steals a powerful laser weapon created by the government. They plan to use it on the space shuttle for sabotage. While they steal the weapon, Lana interferes and is kidnapped by the crazed leader of the group. Superboy intervenes and goes after Lana and the laser. When Lana is taken up in a helicopter, Superboy flies after her. The terrorist leader sees Superboy and pushes Lana out of the helicopter toward certain doom. Superboy comes to her rescue for the first time. "I don't know who you are, or where you came from, but thank you." are Lana's first words to Clark in his Superboy persona. When Superboy flies off leaving Lana with T.J., Lana notices something. "Does he remind you of somebody?" she asks T.J. Superboy catches the terrorists and returns the laser to the government.

Clark and Lana went through some big changes when they were sent to intern at a place called the Bureau for Extra-Normal matters, an organization that investigates strange occurences and the paranormal. They met and became friends with Matt Ritter, a co-worker at the Bureau. They also met C. Dennis Jackson, their boss, who is hard on them all time, but only because he wants them to succeed.

1993-1997 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV):
Episode "Tempus Anyone?", Clark runs into his high school Sweetheart Lana Lang which he ends up inviting to his and Lois' wedding because he had 'no other choice' which he tells Lois when admiting that he ran into his high school sweetheart. Lois questions it at first, but then lets it go. After Clark and Lana depart, Tempus comes and drags Lois into an alternate reality version of Metropolis, where the city is filled with crime, Tempus is running for mayor, Jimmy Olsen owns the Daily Planet, and Superman doesn't exist. Clark Kent is afraid of using his powers in public, and is forced to hide them by his possessive girlfriend Lana Lang. Lois encourages Clark to become the Superman that she knows he is, and even helps him make a costume. At the end Lois finally agrees that Lana is allowed to be at their wedding.
1996-2000 Superman: The Animated Series (TV Cartoon):
Lana Lang was young Clark Kent's first love. They were boyfriend and girlfriend through high school, but when Clark's super powers emerged, he embarked on a self-imposed world pilgrimage to learnmore about the human race. He left behind a very hurt Lana who already knew that her Clark was vastly different from all the other boys on the planet. In fact, when the first reports of Superman started coming in, Lana knew immediately that Clark and the Man of Steel were one in the same. These days Lana is a world-renowned fashion designer who leads a jet-setting lifestyle. She has an apartment in Metropolis, but also maintains homes in Gotham, London and Rome. She seems to be the woman who has it all, but deep down she still misses Clark and the special times they shared before he became Superman. And yet Lana knows the world needs Superman, and has promised to keep his secret. Her playful and flashy exterior masks her unrequited love for Clark.